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Why Location Matters to Your Photog

Picture this: you're about to have an event and want your photographer to capture every moment. But have you ever considered how the venue can make all the difference in your photos? It's true! As an event photographer, I can tell you that lighting is one of the most important factors when selecting a venue. So, let me take you on a tour of my top 4 venues that provide the perfect lighting for capturing stunning photos.

5. Up first, we have outdoor venues. These venues are a photographer's dream come true!

Think gardens, parks, and beaches. The natural light from the sun creates the perfect backdrop for candid shots, and the open space allows for various angles and perspectives. Avoid harsh shadows by scheduling your shoots during the golden hour when the sun is low and the light is soft and warm.

4. Next, we have rooftop venues. With sweeping views of the city skyline, these venues provide a dramatic and captivating backdrop for any event. The open space and ample natural light make capturing candid moments and group shots easy, and the minimalist decor and clean lines make for a sleek and modern aesthetic. But be mindful of the changing light throughout the day, as the sun's angle can affect the look and feel of your photos. In other words, when the sun is directly overhead at noon, it can mean bad photos and harsh shadows from the eyebrows—schedule rooftop events from 8 AM-11 AM or 1 PM to before sundown.

3. Lets now discuss industrial spaces. These venues have become increasingly popular recently, and for a good reason! The exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and large windows create a unique, edgy atmosphere perfect for capturing a gritty or urban vibe. These venues also tend to have plenty of natural light, with minimal artificial light sources, making for some stunning and dramatic photos. The only thing to remember is that people with brown/dark skin complexions can get lost in the red/brown brick color.

2. Second, we have museums and art galleries. Yes, you read that right! These venues not only showcase some of the most beautiful artwork, but the large windows and high ceilings let in plenty of natural light, and the artwork and exhibits can serve as unique and interesting backgrounds. Plus, minimal artificial light means controlling the lighting and getting the right exposure.

1. And number one: Ballroom or gala spaces. Ballrooms with white ceilings can be a fantastic option for event photography, particularly for more formal or elegant occasions. The white ceilings act as a natural reflector, bouncing light off the ceiling and providing a soft, even light source for your photos. This can be particularly helpful in situations where natural light is limited or where the room has a lot of shadows or harsh lighting.

In conclusion, choosing the right venue is crucial for event photography. These 5 venues provide the perfect combination of natural light, ample space, and minimal artificial light sources. So, whether you're attending a wedding, corporate event, or fashion show, remember these venues to capture stunning and memorable photos!

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Kareem Rawls
Kareem Rawls
Mar 30, 2023

Very interesting stuff! Definitely a Peter Parker. Not an Eddie Brock.

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