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DC: Unfazed by Quarantine

Updated: May 28, 2020

After donning my protective gear, hand sanitizer and camera, I chronicled the parks and parkways of DC. Only to find there was little panic, but lots of business as usual.

Although light, traffic at Reagen National Airport was still notable.

A traveler makes her way to the terminal for a flight wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

A young girl is living her best life with dad on the assist.

Public bathrooms were being fully utilized. Who says there is a bathroom tissue shortage?

Boats were also populating the Potomac River.

Mom and child have fun with sporting events near Arlington, VA

Dad with kid in tow are determined to get a workout and fresh air along the Potomac River.

Numerous bikers traverse up and down bike paths today.

Is it pollen or something else? A man walks his dog at the park after refreshing himself from a runny nose.

After policing a running nose, a man discards a tissue napkin.

A young man meets with a friend before attending a wedding. Faced with paying deposits many event planners are rescheduling but others have decided on business as usual. The true impact of Corona may not be health but economic as business close while financial obligations mount.

Birds enjoy the bounty left by park goers who leave scraps behind in this full parking lot.

A street performer adds levity and spirit to Constitiution Avenue, a stones throw from maturing cherry blossoms.

Light traffic and emboldened citizens enjoy the day.

A food truck worker waits with frustration for customers that dont seem to come. Another restaraunt owner today stated they are witnessing a 55-60% drop in revenue.

A street perfomer collects cash from grateful citizens as he drums DC beats to lighten the mood.

Another family enjoys a blanket and picnic on the Mall. When asked about her feelings on the Pandemic, she jokingly responds "I hate it!"

This couple enjoys a picnic and quality time. When asked why they were out durig the pandemic, he responded "You cant let things change your life."

Two young ladies return their public share scooters.

Food truck workers jokingly admonish an employee after he coughs. Symptoms are further confused as a relatively early spring blossoms across the DMV. Today was one of the first viable days as trees blossomed bringing pollen and allergies.

Merchants prepare to serve customers with President Trump centric swag. The president came under fire for initialy politicizing the Corona crisis and later dissemenating confusing updates. The administration seems to finally be getting its bearing as the pandemic spreads worldwide.

From Mount Vernon Square to Chinatown, the District is open for business.

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