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I Was Almost Arrested by the Secret Service

A client that I can't name, but we all know reached out to hire me for a photo assignment at the National Archives. As I made contact with my government client, I felt a sense of awe at the importance of the historical documents stored within its walls. My photography assignment that day was to capture images of a prominent political organization and media outlet reviewing the archives' most valuable records.

I was escorted through multiple security checkpoints and had to surrender all of my equipment for inspection. The security personnel even went through my memory cards to ensure that I was not hiding any prohibited items. Finally, after being thoroughly searched and vetted, I entered the archives with my equipment.

As I was setting up my camera, I noticed a suspicious man struggling with a door near rotunda 6. I thought it was strange because I assumed everyone there was supposed to be there. I later was stopped by two men that were wearing suits and earpieces, and they looked like they meant business. I became nervous and quickly finished my setup, hoping to leave as soon as possible. It was only a one-hour event but I couldn't wait to get out of there. The two men identified themselves as Secret Service agents and informed me that they had received an anonymous tip about a possible security breach and asked me if I had noticed anything unusual.

It was just my luck this was happening the same day as my contracted assignment.

I told them about the man I saw near the rotunda, and the agent immediately called for backup!

Within minutes, the National Archives was swarming with Secret Service agents, and they had the entire building on lockdown. It turned out that the two suspicious men were part of a group attempting to steal incriminating political evidence from the archives, and they had been monitoring my every move to ensure that I didn't interfere.

As I watched the agents arrest the would-be thieves, I couldn't help but feel relieved that I had unwittingly aided in the capture of these criminals. But I also couldn't help but feel uneasy about how close I had come to being involved in something much bigger than my photography assignment.

As I packed up my equipment, I thought about the gravity of the situation and realized how lucky I was to have gotten out unscathed. It was a stark reminder of the real threats that face our politicians and their security teams.

The biggest takeaway from this story is not to believe everything you see. You never know if it's real, imagined, or April Fools Day!

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